Which is an example of a good?


a. A manicure
b. A car warranty
c. A dental examination
d. A visit to the dog groomer
e. A delivery van

Final answer:

An example of a good is e. A delivery van, which is a tangible item. Services are intangible, and examples are a manicure or a dental examination. Nonexcludable goods or services, such as police protection and roads, are publicly accessible without direct charges. The correct answer is E.


The example of a good among the options provided is e. A delivery van. A good is a tangible object that we receive, as opposed to a service which is intangible. A manicure, car warranty, dental examination, and a visit to the dog groomer are all services because they are performance-based actions that one pays for but cannot physically hold.

When discussing nonexcludable goods or services, these are items or services that cannot easily be prevented from being used by individuals who do not pay for them. Examples include a. police protection, c. roads, and other items typically provided by the government and available to the public without direct charges for each use.

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