Calculate the Future Value of an Investment with Compound Interest

What is the future value of $7,100 if invested for five years at 9% compounded annually?

To calculate the future value, we need to multiply the present value ($7,100) by the corresponding future value factor for a 9% interest rate and 5-year period. From Exhibit 1B-1, the future value factor for 5 years at 9% is 1.538.

Future Value Calculation:

Future Value = Present Value * Future Value Factor
Future Value = $7,100 * 1.538
Future Value = $10,947.80
Therefore, the future value of $7,100 invested for 5 years at 9% compounded annually is approximately $10,947.80. The future value refers to the amount of money that an investment will grow to over a specific period of time, taking into account the interest or rate of return earned on the investment. In this case, the future value is the amount that $7,100 will grow to after being invested for five years at a 9 percent annual compounded interest rate. The time value factor of 1.538, obtained from Exhibit 1B-1, represents the multiplier to be applied to the initial investment to calculate the future value.
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