The Influence of AARP in American Politics

Understanding the AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a powerful lobbying organization in the United States that represents the interests of individuals aged 50 and above, commonly referred to as the elderly. With a large membership base and significant influence, the AARP is able to effectively advocate for policies that benefit its primary demographic group.

Role of AARP in Lobbying

The AARP engages in lobbying efforts to influence policymakers and legislators to pass laws and regulations that support the needs of older Americans. They focus on a wide range of issues including healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, and age discrimination. Through their lobbying activities, the AARP aims to ensure that the voices and concerns of senior citizens are heard and addressed in government decisions.

The Impact of AARP

The AARP's lobbying efforts have had a significant impact on American politics, particularly in areas related to healthcare and retirement benefits. By advocating for policies that promote affordable healthcare and protect Social Security payments, the AARP has played a key role in shaping legislation that directly benefits the elderly population.


In conclusion, the AARP is a major player in American politics, using its influence to advocate for the rights and well-being of older Americans. Through their lobbying efforts, the AARP has been successful in shaping policies that support and protect the interests of the elderly population.

What is the primary focus of the AARP in their lobbying efforts?

The primary focus of the AARP in their lobbying efforts is to advocate for policies that benefit senior citizens, with a particular emphasis on lower healthcare costs and the safety of Social Security pension payments.

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