What is silhak?

What is silhak?

The answer is B

Introduction to Silhak

Silhak is a truly Korean style that emphasizes the study of things Korean. It is a movement that originated in the late 17th century during the Joseon dynasty in Korea. The term "Silhak" translates to "Practical Learning" or "Real Learning" in English. It was a philosophical and intellectual movement that sought to reform and improve various aspects of Korean society.

Core Beliefs of Silhak

Silhak scholars focused on practical knowledge and rejected the rigid Confucian hierarchy of the time. They emphasized the importance of practicality, agricultural reforms, and the need for social justice. Silhak scholars believed in the power of empirical observation and direct experience in understanding the world.

Impact of Silhak

The Silhak movement had a significant impact on Korean society, particularly in the fields of agriculture, economy, and governance. Silhak scholars played a key role in advocating for reforms that aimed to improve the lives of the common people. They promoted the importance of local governance, education, and practical skills. In conclusion, Silhak was a transformative intellectual movement in Korean history that focused on practical learning and the study of things Korean. It challenged traditional Confucian norms and emphasized the need for reform and improvement in various aspects of society. Silhak continues to be recognized as an important part of Korean cultural heritage. Have a lovely day!
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