How to Identify the Best Detective in a Case

Which detective seems to have more clues about solving the case?


A. Detective Bolsa

B. Detective Sancho




Sancho's detective seems to have more clues about solving the case. Thus option B is correct.

Who is a detective?

Detectives are typically investigative people, which implies that they are extremely inquiring and curious people who enjoy spending time by themselves thinking. An investigator who works for a law enforcement agency is known as a detective.

Talking to witnesses and whistleblowers, gathering tangible evidence, reviewing databases, and interviewing sources are all common ways that investigators get information to solve crimes.

You've come to the right place if you're seeking for the Sancho from a Cervantes narrative crossword clue answers. Please double-check that you have the right answer or clue because it's common for crossword puzzles with similar clues to have disparate solutions. As a result, they are able to apprehend offenders and prosecute them at court. Therefore, option B is the correct option.

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