Ensuring Safety in Acupuncture Practice: When to Use Gloves

When should gloves be used by an acupuncturist?

1) When there is any broken skin on the acupuncturist's hands

2) Only when the acupuncturist wants to

3) Gloves are not necessary for an acupuncturist

4) Only when the patient requests it

Final answer: Acupuncturists should use gloves when there is broken skin on their hands to prevent exposure to pathogens during the piercing process of acupuncture.


Gloves should be used by an acupuncturist when there is any broken skin on the acupuncturist's hands. Acupuncture involves piercing the skin with needles, which can potentially expose both the practitioner and patient to pathogens if hygiene practices are not followed properly.

Proper hygiene, including glove use and handwashing, is essential in maintaining infection control standards and ensuring both patient and practitioner safety. Health-care workers, including acupuncturists, should wash their hands thoroughly between every patient contact to prevent the transmission of microbes. If gloves are worn, they should be changed between patients, and hands should be washed after their removal.

This is necessary to reduce the normal microbiota on the skin, which, if introduced into the patient's acupuncture points, can lead to infections. To prevent the introduction of microbes into acupuncture points, which are sites for potential infection, the use of gloves and proper handwashing form minimal standards in infection control for acupuncturists.

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