Guilty or Innocent? Let's Find Out!

Is the suspect guilty or innocent?

Based on the given argument, what is the conclusion for the suspect?


The suspect is innocent.

The argument provided states that if the suspect is guilty, then the knife was in the drawer. However, it also mentions that either the knife was not in the drawer or Jason Pritchard saw the knife. This means that if Jason Pritchard saw the knife, the suspect would not be guilty as it would indicate the knife was not in the drawer, leading to innocence.

Additionally, it states that if the knife was not there on October 10, Jason Pritchard didn’t see the knife. This further solidifies the innocence of the suspect if Jason Pritchard did see the knife, as it would mean the knife was not in the drawer.

Moreover, the argument establishes that if the knife was there on October 10, then the knife was in the drawer and the hammer was in the barn. However, it is confirmed that the hammer was not in the barn, which contradicts the initial assumption. Therefore, the suspect is deemed innocent based on the argument's logic.

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