The Challenges of Building the Panama Canal

What were the main challenges faced during the construction of the Panama Canal?

1. Disease

2. Geography

3. Climate

4. Political challenges

5. Engineering challenges

Main Challenges Faced During the Construction of the Panama Canal

The challenges faced during the construction of the Panama Canal were diverse and significant. Let's explore each one:

1. Disease: One of the biggest challenges was the high prevalence of diseases like malaria and yellow fever. These diseases were spread by mosquitoes and resulted in the deaths of approximately 5,600 workers.

2. Geography: The dense jungles and mountainous terrain in the region made it tough to build infrastructure like roads and railways. Excavating through the Continental Divide required massive rock and soil removal.

3. Climate: The tropical climate of Panama brought heavy rainfall and humidity, causing flooding and landslides that hindered construction activities.

4. Political challenges: Negotiating agreements with the Colombian government, handling local rebellions, and obtaining rights for construction were major political hurdles.

5. Engineering challenges: Building locks to accommodate the sea level difference between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans required innovative engineering solutions and meticulous planning.

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