Teresa's Mother Relationship

Teresa's mother takes pride in being Teresa's best friend. The mother is most likely in danger of becoming which of the following? A) permissive B) authoritarian C) emotionally needy D) uninvolved Answer: permissive

Understanding Teresa's Mother Relationship

Teresa's mother taking pride in being her best friend can indicate a permissive parenting style. Permissive parents are often seen as more lenient, indulgent, and give their children more freedom to make their own decisions.

Permissive Parenting Style

Permissive parenting can lead to children lacking self-discipline and not understanding boundaries. While it is important for parents to be supportive and nurturing, being overly permissive can have negative consequences in a child's upbringing.

Permissive parents may struggle with setting consistent rules and may have difficulty enforcing consequences for misbehavior. This can result in children having a sense of entitlement and not learning important life skills.

Emotional Needs

Teresa's mother, by seeking to be her best friend, may also indicate emotional neediness. It is important for parents to have a healthy balance in their relationships with their children, providing support and guidance while also maintaining appropriate boundaries.

Emotionally needy parents may rely too heavily on their children for emotional fulfillment, which can lead to challenges in the parent-child dynamic and potentially hinder the child's emotional development.

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