Adding Protein to Salads

When a salad is ordered that doesn't come with a protein, you ask...

A) Would you like to add chicken, tofu, or shrimp to your salad?

B) Would you like extra croutons on your salad?

C) Would you like a side of bread with your salad?

D) Would you like dessert after your salad?

Final answer: The question is about sentence structure and context in the English language. The best answer is option A, because it offers protein options for a salad that originally did not come with protein.

Explanation: This type of question could be seen as a practical exercise in understanding sentence structure and how different options impact the meaning of a question in the English language. The key subject is how an offer to a customer (in this case, adding an ingredient to a salad) is framed, which of the options A, B, C or D completes the waiter's question. Since the client has ordered a salad without protein, the question aiming to add protein to the salad would be the most relevant one. Therefore, option A) "Would you like to add chicken, tofu, or shrimp to your salad?" is the best choice because chicken, tofu, and shrimp all serve as sources of protein.

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