What present does Goldilocks want to give Prince Charming for his birthday?

What is the evidence that supports the above?

The present that Goldilocks wants to give Prince Charming for his birthday is the heads of Jack and Jill. This is culled from the story "Scary Fairy Tale: Scene 9."

Evidence Supporting Goldilocks' Gift for Prince Charming

Goldilocks while conversing with Jack and Jill is asked if she means to take some of the vegetables from the magic garden. She replied in the negative stating that she will steal them. She then indicates that the next day is Prince Charming's birthday and that he loves vegetables, but she will be giving him the best present of all. When asked by Jack what the present is, Jack and Jill are shocked to realize that she intends to give their heads to Prince Charming given that there is a big bounty on their heads.
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