What's Inside the Backpack?

What is in the backpack?

Can you guess what musical instrument Céline is studying?


In the backpack, there is a flute. Céline is studying music.

When we look inside the backpack, we find a flute. This musical instrument may have caught the attention of Céline, who is studying music. The choice of flute suggests that she is interested in learning to play this beautiful instrument. Playing the flute requires skill, practice, and a deep appreciation for music.

Céline's passion for music may lead her to explore different genres and styles, expanding her musical knowledge and abilities. Whether she chooses to play classical pieces, jazz tunes, or modern compositions, the flute offers a wide range of expressive possibilities.

Studying music not only involves mastering an instrument but also understanding music theory, history, and performance techniques. Céline's dedication to music reflects her commitment to honing her skills and sharing her musical talents with others.

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