Salut, Chloé! Can You Spot the Verbs and Make Them Negative?

Identifying and Changing Verbs to Negative Form

'Fais': The verb 'fais' means 'do' or 'make'. To change it into negative form, we would use 'ne' before the verb and 'pas' after, resulting in 'ne fais pas' which means 'do not' or 'does not'.

'Joue': The verb 'joue' means 'play'. Changing it to negative form will result in 'ne joue pas' which translates to 'do not play' or 'does not play'.

'Regarde': The verb 'regarde' means 'watch'. When changed to negative form, it becomes 'ne regarde pas' which can be translated as 'do not watch' or 'does not watch'.

'J'achete': The verb 'j'achete' means 'buy'. Turning it into negative form yields 'ne j'achete pas' which means 'do not buy' or 'does not buy'.

'Prends': The verb 'prends' means 'take'. Changing it into negative form will result in 'ne prends pas' meaning 'do not take' or 'does not take'.

By applying the 'ne' before the verb and 'pas' after the verb, we can effectively change the verbs in the provided email into negative form. This exercise helps in understanding the concept of negation in French language and strengthens the knowledge of verb conjugation.

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