Exciting Choices at the Sporting Goods Store!

What items do customers inquire about at the sporting goods store?

1. Les chaussures (f)?

2. Un jacket

3. Une raquette de tennis

Customer Preferences at the Sporting Goods Store

1- Quelles chaussures désirez-vous ?

2- Quel jacket désirez-vous ?

3- Quelle raquette de tennis désirez-vous ?

At our exciting sporting goods store, customers often come inquiring about a variety of items. They are always looking for the perfect equipment or gear to enhance their sports activities.

When customers ask about shoes (Les chaussures), I make sure to ask them, "Quelles chaussures désirez-vous?" to find out their preferred style and size.

For those interested in jackets (Un jacket), I inquire, "Quel jacket désirez-vous?" to help them choose the perfect outerwear for their needs.

And when customers are on the lookout for tennis rackets (Une raquette de tennis), I always ask, "Quelle raquette de tennis désirez-vous?" to assist them in selecting the ideal racket for their playing style.

By offering personalized assistance and using the proper form of questioning, I ensure that each customer receives top-notch service and finds exactly what they are looking for. Our store is truly a one-stop shop for all their sporting needs!

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