The Merchant of Venice - Understanding Shylock's Perspective

Q1. To whom does Shylock address these words?

a) Antonio b) Bassanio c) Portia d) Jessica

Q2. What does Shylock mean by these words?

a) Antonio is a wealthy man b) Antonio is a good businessman c) Antonio is in debt d) Antonio is a trustworthy person

Q3. What is the destination of Antonio's argosies bound for?

a) Tripolis b) Indies c) Mexico d) England

Q4. What are the possible dangers that threaten Antonio's argosies at sea?

a) Pirates b) Storms c) Shipwrecks d) All of the above

Q5. What does Shylock think about Antonio?

a) He admires Antonio's business ventures b) He is jealous of Antonio's success c) He believes Antonio is reckless with his money d) He considers Antonio to be a good friend

Final answer:

From William Shakespeare's play, The Merchant of Venice, the questions are based on the character Shylock. Shylock's dialogues are often addressed to Antonio, viewing him as a threat. Antonio's argosies are threatened by pirates, storms, and shipwrecks.


The questions you have posed appear to be about the character Shylock from William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice. However, it is difficult to provide accurate answers without the specific lines from the play, to understand the context with which Shylock speaks.

1. Shylock has several interactions with each character you've listed, but often his most noteworthy dialogues are with Antonio.

2. Again, without the specific lines, determining what Shylock means by his words can be challenging. The general concept throughout the play is that Shylock views Antonio as a threat to his business and a source of humiliation due to Antonio's public criticism of him.

3. In the play, Antonio's argosies, or large merchant ships, are often bound for various destinations, including Tripolis and the Indies.

4. Sea-voyage in Shakespeare's time was especially dangerous, thus Antonio's argosies are indeed threatened by pirates, storms, and potential shipwrecks.

5. Shylock harbors deep resentment toward Antonio. He disapproves of Antonio's business practices and is especially offended by the disrespect that Antonio shows him because he is a Jew.

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