Purpose of Writing by Laurence Sterne and Ignatius Sancho

What is the purpose of writing by Laurence Sterne?

A. To convince Sancho to focus on other important matters
B. To explain why he will not write about slavery
C. To show that he is sympathetic to Sancho's cause
D. To encourage Sancho to publish his letters


The purpose of writing by Laurence Sterne was to show that he is sympathetic to Sancho's cause.

Sterne's Purpose of Writing

The reason for Sancho's writing is to persuade Sterne to write more messages against slavery. This is shown in the passage from Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho, an African who wants to enlighten the open regarding the torment and abuse in the subjection.

Why is Ignatius Sancho important?

Ignatius Sancho is commonly known for his letters about slavery. He sent missives to leading novelists explaining himself as a black person and a former slave. He then requested the novelists to use the writings to highlight the slavery in the British West Indies.

What is a Text Purpose?

This refers to the rationale for writing that an author undertakes when he wants to convey a thing to his readers.

Hence, we will see that from the complete text, there's the use of narration to show the reason why Sterne was writing and this is to show that he supports Sancho and is sympathetic to his cause.

The support by Sterne was to encourage Sterne to write down more about slavery which would help to show the evils of slavery and end it and also enlighten others.


It's C or "to show that he is sympathetic to Sancho's cause"

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