Commonly Used Tool in HVAC Applications

What is the tool commonly used to expand copper tubing in HVAC applications?

a. Multimeter

b. Tubing expander

c. Pipe cutter

d. Screwdriver

Final answer:


A tubing expander is the tool commonly used in HVAC applications for expanding copper tubing to create seamless joints.

The tool commonly used to expand copper tubing in HVAC applications is a tubing expander. This tool is designed to widen the end of a copper tube to allow it to fit over another tube of the same diameter, which is essential for creating leak-free joints without the need for fittings. The process involves placing the expander inside the tube and applying outward pressure, which uniformly expands the tube's diameter.

Tubing expanders are vital in HVAC systems for the seamless joining of copper pipes, especially when installing or repairing refrigerant lines.

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