The Most Important Scripting Languages for DevOps

What scripting languages are the most important to learn from a DevOps perspective?

A) Python

B) Bash

C) Ruby

D) Java

Final answer:

Final answer:

For DevOps, Python and Bash are essential scripting languages, with Ruby also being beneficial, while Java serves a different purpose as a programming language.


From a DevOps perspective, the most important scripting languages to learn include Python, Bash, and Ruby. Python is highly popular for its ease of use and flexibility in automation and infrastructure management. Bash is essential for navigating and scripting in Unix/Linux environments. Although not as prevalent as Python or Bash, Ruby can be useful, particularly with configuration management tools like Chef. However, Java is not typically categorized as a scripting language but as a full-fledged programming language, and while it can be used in a DevOps environment, it's not commonly used for scripts.

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