Empowering Team Creativity During the Winter Holiday Season

What was Margie trying to instill in the different teams throughout the store?

The answer is autonomy (Option D)

Empowering Team Creativity

Autonomy in Human Resource Management
Autonomy in human resource management refers to the level or degree of discretion and freedom which an employee is permitted to exercise when performing his/her job. In this scenario, Margie, the manager, decided to give each team a window display or an indoor display to decorate without providing detailed instructions on how to do the displays. Encouraging Responsibility and Self-Management
By giving minimal instructions and allowing the teams to decide how to approach the task, Margie was promoting autonomy among the different teams. She wanted them to take responsibility for their displays and exercise self-management in the creative process. Fostering Creativity and Innovation
Autonomy can lead to increased creativity and innovation within a team. When individuals are given the freedom to make decisions and work in ways that suit them best, they are more likely to come up with unique and original ideas for their displays. Building Trust and Empowerment
By trusting the teams to handle the task with autonomy, Margie was showing her confidence in their abilities. This can increase team members' sense of empowerment and encourage them to take ownership of their work. In conclusion, by promoting autonomy among the teams, Margie was empowering them to showcase their creativity and skills during the winter holiday season. This approach not only allows for individual expression but also fosters a sense of trust, responsibility, and innovation within the teams.
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