Discovering Evolution on Galapagos Island

What did Charles Darwin observe during his trip to Galapagos island?

Did his observation lead him to suspect that organisms change over time?


Yes, Charles Darwin's observation during his trip to Galapagos Island led him to suspect that organisms change over time. He discovered that animals evolve over time.

Galapagos island is the land of unique species of animals and plants. It has 26 types of species of birds and different species of plants that can easily adapt to the environment.

Further Explanation:

The Galapagos Islands is a land of thirteen large islands (archipelago) and approximately a hundred small islands. The name "Galapagos" is derived from the old Spanish word that means tortoises, hence the meaning of the word is "island of the tortoises." It is home to unique and various species such as giant tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, and sharks.

During his time on the island, Darwin observed various species of finches. There are a total of 26 bird species on the island, with fourteen of them being Darwin finches. He noted that the Darwin finches are rapidly evolving vertebrates and that the species of finches vary from one island to another. The island also boasts a unique fauna which may have evolved from daisies.

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