Make Your Summer Festive with Lucille's Southern Sangria!

What wine choices can you pick for the Lucille's southern sangria?

1) Red wine

2) White wine

3) Rosé wine

4) Sparkling wine


Traditional Lucille's southern sangria is typically made with red wine but can also be made with white, rosé, or sparkling wines depending on the desired flavor profile and festive nature of the occasion.

When selecting a wine choice for the Lucille's southern sangria, traditional recipes usually call for red wine as a base because of its fruit-forward flavors and full body, which pair well with the sangria's mixed fruits and spirits. However, sangria variations can also be made with white wine, rosé wine, or sparkling wine, depending on personal preference or the specific flavor profile you're aiming for. White wine sangrias are generally lighter and can be more refreshing, rosé sangrias bring a pink hue and a balance between red and white wine characteristics, and sparkling wine adds a fizzy component that can make the drink more festive.

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