A Design Technique: Framing in Floral Arrangements

Understanding Framing in Floral Arrangements

Framing is a design technique that involves enclosing specific flower materials within an area. The materials selected for the framing should have a connection to the materials used in the arrangement. If not properly executed, framing can appear as an afterthought in the design. Think of this technique as similar to placing a picture in a frame. By framing a picture, you are highlighting and emphasizing the image.

Similarly, framing in a floral arrangement draws special visual emphasis to the flower elements enclosed within the frame. Frames are typically created by placing straight or curved twigs on the right and left sides of the arrangement, forming an outline along the outer edges. The central area is then positioned within this frame. Flowers, branches, straight greens, or any flexible material can be used for framing to create visually appealing designs.

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